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The Lost Art of Letter Writing

In a world where our communication with others consists of text messages, emails and Facebook comments, taking the time to sit down and write a letter to someone has become a thing of the past. That was until I discovered InCoWriMo, which is short for International Correspondence Writing Month, which takes place in February. The idea is that you write one letter, note, or card to someone every day during the month of February.📬 I thought that this was a fantastic idea since I was no longer on social media, yet wanted to keep in touch with friends that I don’t necessarily talk to as regularly as I should. 

I started out by creating a list of the 28 people I would write to, and every morning in February I sat down to write my letters. What I thought would be a fun activity that I would probably only make halfway through turned into one of the most powerful projects I had taken on in a long time. I was writing letters that were several pages long, filling cards with words that are rarely spoken, yet needed to be said, laughing as I recalled precious memories, shedding a few tears and feeling a little happier with every envelope I dropped in the mailbox.📮

Throughout the month I received text messages and phone calls thanking me for the cards, and even received letters back!✉ It is so much fun to receive happy mail! When did we decide that a text or a Facebook message were a good substitute for a hand written note letting someone know we are thinking of them?! I heard many times during the month that finding a hand written letter in the mailbox had brightened someone’s day, and brought a smile to their face. 

Now that InCoWriMo has come to an end I have vowed to continue the practice of letter writing. I can’t say that I will be writing a letter daily, but I will definitely be sending a little love more regularly. What I got out of this experience was more profound than I ever dreamed, and I am excited to continue letting the ones I love that I am thinking of them through the lost art of letter writing. 💕  Sending a thank you note to your child’s teacher, a heartfelt card to your parents letting them know how much you love them, an update on your family to a friend you’ve lost touch with, or a short message to a loved one to say hello takes only a few minutes of your time, but is guaranteed to bring a little happiness to both of you, and wouldn’t the world be a much happier place if we all took a few more minutes to bring joy to someone else’s life? 

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