Mom Life

Thank Goodness For Home Ec!

Being a parent is hard work… being a parent of a “tween” is EXTREMELY  hard!!! That is exactly why I am thanking the middle school gods for putting my son in Home Economics this semester! 

I have noticed that it is becoming increasingly hard to communicate with my oldest son. Having a conversation with him usually ends with one of us feeling frustrated or angry. There have been many times lately when I would find myself in tears, trying desperately to figure out what I am doing wrong, and how we could go about fixing our relationship before it’s too late. We only get one chance to raise our children, to make a positive impact on their lives, and to build a lasting relationship with them, I can’t let him slip through my fingers already. 

At the beginning of January, an tiny miracle occurred, and Braydon was put into home ec. Most boys would have hated this class, but he was so excited by the thought of cooking at school, and that excitement spilled over at home. Before I knew it he was Googling recipes, and creating Pinterest boards for all of the foods he wanted to make, and he was opening up to me!!! He was spending countless hours in the kitchen mixing up cookies and telling me about what was going on at school, and baking pies while cracking jokes and carrying on conversations with!

Baking has brought out a happiness in him that I have not seen in a long time. There is an incredible sense of pride when he asks us to try his latest goodie, and a calmness that washes over him as he measures and mixes. Not to mention the goodies that he is basking are absolutely delicious. This isn’t necessarily great for my weight loss, but I would happily run a few extra miles if it means that I can spend quality time in the kitchen with him, making memories, and building a relationship that we both treasure. 

Yet the best part of all of this is that twice in the last week he has come up and hugged me! HE HUGGED ME! Out of NOWHERE! My not so little little boy, who is embarrassed by affection, and only ever lets me kiss his forehead, and is a limp noodle whenever I hug him, hugged me! And because of that I will forever be grateful to the powers that be for home ec, and the incredible impact it is having on the relationship I have with my son. 


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