Runner Not Running

Since I started running almost a year ago I have set some lofty goals for myself, constantly striving to see what I am capable of. One of the goals that I set for myself was to run the Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon this June. So when I stepped on the treadmill on Monday to knock out three easy recovery miles to end my second week of half marathon training I was beyond disappointed when I couldn’t even make it past .2 miles due to the pain in my right achilles being unbearable. I was in tears 😒, not because of the pain, but because I needed that run so badly (we had our 9 1/2 year old lab 🐢 put to sleep the day before), I could feel my goals slipping further away, and I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if I continued to push myself I would injur myself to the point where running would no longer be an option. Just the thought of not being able to run anymore was enough to scare me into resting for the rest of the week. Over the last ten months running has become my passion, my lifeline, and my source of sanity. It is what I love, and something I want to be able to do for many years to come. πŸƒ

This is not the first time that I have dealt with achilles pain. In October I was experiencing pain in both achilles, and went to the local running store in search of anything I could find to help fix the problem. After over an hour of trying on shoes, running back and forth through the store, balancing on one foot while the store owner lay on the floor examining my stance, I walked out the door with a pair of Brooks Addiction 12 πŸ‘Ÿ, and hope that I had found the fix. While at Runner’s Soul I was told that I over pronate, and was wearing a shoe that was too narrow for my foot, which was causing my foot to roll over the side of my shoe, which in turn cause my achilles to try to overcompensate and try to pull my foot back. Within two weeks I was running pain free again! πŸ™Œ So when I started experiencing achilles pain again, I knew it was time for new shoes. The problem is that this time I had created the perfect storm for reinjuring myself. I had started hiking again, which left my calves tight, I had started adding more hills and speed work to my running, as well as running every day on shoes that had way more miles than I thought. πŸ™

So here I am doimg everything I can think of to help my achilles heal. I am icing, foam rolling, stretching, doing calf raises, using a brace to keep the tendon stretched while I sleep, rubbing on essential oils, taking ibuprofen, and using KT tape, all in hopes that I will be able to run a 10K on Saturday. You see, not only do I have the half that I am training for, but I also have four more races in the next four weeks. 😞 This weekend it’s a 10K, the following weekend the Run for Ribbons 5K πŸŽ— (which means a lot to me), the weekend after that I am doing a race with my mom which has me running a 5K, her biking 18 miles 🚴, and me running another 5K, and finally The Ultimate Wine Run 5K 🍷 (which is the race that made my aunt think that we should attempt running in the first place).Β 

Here’s hoping that everything I have done over the last week, in addition to my new shoes, is enough, and allows me to run pain free once again, and continuing to chase my dreams of 26.2! 🀞


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